Electro-mechanical Assembly – Design

Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Annex Inc offers Electro-Mechanical & Box builds that will work the way needed, while providing you with a level of customer care and support unparalleled in our industry. We realize the products we are manufacturing for you need to meet your exacting standards because your companies will be placing their name and reputation on the way these parts work. Therefore we have exacting standards and testing that we perform to ensure your assembly is worthy of your companies name.

Electro-Mechanical Modifications

electro-mechanical manufacturingIn addition to manufacture and design of electro-mechanical systems we also offer modification to existing systems. Even if you had the system built by a competitor, or you need a stock manufacturing part modified, we are happy to work with you to rebuild the pieces you need into a solution you can trust.

Electro-Mechanical Design

Electro-Mechanical Design
We take great pride in helping our customers design a system that not only works to their exact standards, but does so in the most cost effective way to manufacture. If you are interested in our team working to help design your electro-mechanical assembly, please call us today!
Below is a list of common solutions we provide for our customers. While this list is by no means exhaustive, it is a solid representation of the breadth and variety of the work that we offer.

  • Enclosure Design and Assembly
  • Modifications to Existing Hardware
  • Box Builds
  • Internal Wiring of Subassemblies
  • Programming/Test/Verification Services