Cable – Wire Harness Assembly – Design

Mail Attachment-2For years we have been one of Idaho’s choice manufacturer of custom Cable & wire harnesses. Our specialty is low to medium quantity manufacture. Common customers needs are R&D departments who need to test a new design or concept. We work especially well in these circumstances as we are able to work with the customer to create an uncommon solution to their unique problem & are flexible enough to rework the cables as needed as the research develops. We understand that when building prototypes we need to be available & offer quick turn around on the products.
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In addition to working on prototyping projects, we also offer low to medium volume production for regular customer orders as well.

We are happy to announce that we offer UL & CE listed Assemblies!

Some prevalent work we offer are listed below. While this list is by no means exhaustive, it is a solid representation of the breadth and variety of the work that we offer.

  1. Cable Assembly Design Services
  2. Product Development Services
  3. Custom Spec Builds
  4. UL and CE listed Assemblies
  5. Automotive Assemblies
  6. Prototypes
  7. Low to Medium Volume Production
  8. Quick Turn Capability
  9. Test/Verification Services

Design & Product Development Services

We understand that sometimes a customer know what the function of a cable or harness needs to be but they don’t want to figure out the specs for the unit. In these cases we love to offer design & development services. Whether you need us to come to the job site to see the existing cable that isn’t meeting your needs, or would like to simply work through the phone, we are happy to create the solution you need.