Annex Inc. Your Source for Custom Electronics Manufacturing

For over 20 years Annex Inc. has been proudly serving the North Western United States with unparalleled service, we go the extra mile, with on site evaluation of your needs & even consulting to create the optimal product for your needs. Since we focus on High customization & low to medium quantity manufacturing we know we will be able to create the custom solution that you need on the schedule that works for you.

ROHS Compliant & Non Compliant Manufacturing

We recognize the importance of offering the customer the custom solution that their particular situation requires. Therefore we are proud to announce we offer both ROHS Compliant & non compliant manufacturing.

On Site Electronics Evaluations

We realize you cannot always disconnect a piece of your equipment in order to spec out what needs manufactured. Therefore we are happy to send a tech rep to evaluate the needs & develop the solution that will work for your application. We are happy to spend time working with the key players in your business to ensure that the part we manufacture is going to meet the needs of all parties involved.

Custom Electronics Manufacturing Consulting.

When we see potential improvements in the design of the electronic pieces we are manufacturing, be it PCB, Harness, or electro mechanical, we are happy to work with you to suggest changes that can be made. Improvements we often look for are ways to increase efficiency of the manufacture, while still maintaining or improving the integrity of your product.